"Chenard Walcker is a French samplecore artist layering large slabs of pop music, obscure funk, soundtracks, etc. The site offers many albums worth of material as free downloads, as an anti-copyright stance. He also publishes the Free Sample Zone, which is all his material under several monikers...." -- official website

Chenard is the prolific visual and musical collage artist who operated the Free Sample Zone netlabel with 50+ releases available for download. When that domain expired, Oddio Overplay created this mirror for the netlabel with the hope that Chenard's work will reach more listeners.

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Free Sample Zone Netlabel Releases 1-10

The Fuzz - God Bless The Radio [fsz001]
(December 18, 2004)

Druggy G. and nepO, two Americans from the east coast, found their drummer in the eastern suburb of London after having auditioned 7000 of them. They worked 9 months on the 3 tunes of this ep, which was released in limited edition in 1994.

The Fuzz allowed Chenard Walcker to publish 'God Bless The Radio' as a free download, ten years after its original release, in the Free Sample Zone.

Hip Hop'n Roll, baby!

Chenard Walcker - L'Ane Vetu de la Peau de Lion [fsz002]
(February 2, 2002)

First attempts with the technique of cut & paste. The title means 'the donkey dressed with the lion's skin' in french. Deceptive is what this music is all about.

The Walcker Crew - Les Veines Noires [fsz003]
(March 17, 2002)

Don't be upset by this first cut-up set that Chenard and his crew created in one shot on 17 march 2002. They reworked the whole thing 4 years later : cut all the fat, deplaced some passages, etc. Those funky tunes last a bit more than 2 minutes for once, and were only intended for use with headphones and a phat blunt.

You may think that a cut-up thingy called black veins is to be interpreted as an invitation to suicide. Well, IT'S NOT. NO WAY ! LIFE LIFE LIFE !

Chenard Walcker - Le Fou [fsz004]
(August 8, 2002)

'Give a man a mask and he'll tell you the truth' said the poet. A fat lot of good that is ! I have myself 7 masks. The thing is : you won't see me, so please listen to me.

Chenard Walcker - L [fsz005]
(October 10, 2002)

This is the 'L', my only friend the 'L', that same old godamn letter i've been stuck to for a while. But not anymore. So, listen to the 'L' and look into the eye of the Ludicious Speed.

Chenard Walcker - Chenard Haut-Le-Coeur [fsz006]
(November 11, 2002)

What about a kind of weird orchestra gathering together early 80's hip-hop with gregorian chants, organs, bossa nova, diamonds, loud bass, soul singers, 7 trumpets and space suits.

The Sand - Wish [fsz007]
(December 24, 2002)

The Sand had made a single for the chistmas of 2002, but it took him two years to have it released. It's now in the Free Sample Zone for your 2004 (and following) christmas hip parties. The Sand wish you a merry x-mas with 3 very differently orchestrated versions of his now-shared-by-million tune. WOW !

Chenard Walcker - Blessed [fsz008]
(May 5, 2003)

A smart set of half-dummed tunes. Voices are taken from the blues and other blessed chants, visiting various religious shrines with an internet network cable herbs affiliate ! Blessed thistle consists of the leaves and flowering tops of Cnicus benedictus. And then you are Blessed !

Chenard Walcker - Ecossaise 133 [fsz009]
(May 5, 2003)

Jesus is a mountain of cheese, according to Saint Augustin. But here, the voices of Cheese are... Oscar Brown Jr, Nina Simone, Mireille Matthieu, Zap Mama, Jimmy Lewis, Garnet Mimmus, Ginger Baker, Irma Thomas, and of course Jeannie Vassoir...

Chenard Walcker - Utopia [fsz010]
(November 11, 2003)

Well, i guess these tunes will take you in the ups and downs of utopia. Anyone interested ? Follow me !

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